Mastering Lesson Planning & Student Engagement Courses

Uploaded: 06 Jun 2024
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Discover the secrets to effective lesson planning and student engagement in this comprehensive online course led by education expert Adebayo. Explore innovative strategies to design dynamic lessons that captivate students' attention and inspire active participation. Learn to assess and measure student engagement, and gain valuable tools to enhance academic performance and cultivate a lifelong love for learning.

In this course, you'll:

  • Revolutionize Lesson Planning: Delve into creative approaches to lesson planning, including student-centered learning and interactive teaching methods.
  • Empower Student Engagement: Discover proven techniques to foster student engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.
  • Assess Engagement Effectively: Learn practical methods to assess and measure student engagement, from tracking attendance to conducting surveys.
  • Transform Your Classroom: Implement strategies to create an authentic and engaging learning environment that promotes student success and academic achievement.

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By Adebayo Alomaja

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Course Structure

Lessons: 10

Course Structure

Lessons: 10

Creative Lesson Planning for Future-Ready Education

Innovative techniques for designing engaging and relevant lesson plans.


  • In this video, Adebayo, Head of Research and Chief Learning Designer, introduces a course on Creative Lesson Planning.

    The course covers five modules: Lesson Plan 4.0, Reimagining the Classroom, Reimagining Learners, Reimagining the Learning Process, and Reimagining the Teacher's Role. It emphasizes preparing students for a complex future by making lesson plans relevant, creative, and connected to real-life applications.

Reimagining Classrooms for Global Future

Transform classrooms to reflect current and future realities.


  • This video emphasizes the importance of reimagining classrooms to align with today's global and technological realities. It showcases an example where students tackle real-world issues, such as wildlife poaching, through project-based learning.

    By integrating cross-curricular activities and collaborating with professionals worldwide, educators can create engaging and relevant learning experiences. The video encourages teachers to introduce innovative practices, fostering global citizenship and preparing students for the future.

Reimagine the Learners' Potential

Discover strategies to harness learners' full potential and creativity.


  • In this module, learn how to reimagine your perception of learners to harness their true potential. The video explores inspiring examples of young achievers and emphasizes the importance of high-level activities that promote creativity and problem-solving.

    By seeing students as future entrepreneurs and innovators, educators can foster an environment where learners are encouraged to create, innovate, and add value to their communities.

Redefining Learning Content and Process

Rethink learning through inventive content and captivating experiences.


  • This course explores methods for improving lesson plans by rethinking the content and process of learning. Acquire the skills to incorporate practical knowledge and advanced tasks that link academic subjects to the current global landscape. Concentrate on cultivating highly sought-after skills such as critical thinking, flexibility, and proficiency in digital technology. By establishing a stimulating and applicable educational setting, you can assist students in unleashing their capabilities and getting ready for forthcoming obstacles.

Transforming Teacher Roles for Impact

Redefine teaching by becoming a learning influencer and designer.


  • Better understand your evolving role in the classroom. This module guides you to rethink your identity as a teacher, encouraging you to embrace the roles of a learning influencer and designer. Learn how to integrate personal growth, community projects, and real-world insights into your teaching.

    By doing so, you can inspire students, enhance their skills, and ensure their relevance in today's dynamic world.

Boosting Student Engagement Effectively

Learn strategies to enhance student engagement and lesson effectiveness.


  • In this course on Student Engagement Strategies Adebayo will guide you through techniques for designing engaging lesson plans. You'll explore the importance of student engagement and learn strategies like student-centered learning, creating interactive environments, and leveraging real-world contexts. Discover how to measure and improve engagement levels, ensuring your students stay committed and interested in the learning process.

Launching Project-Based Learning Experiences

Empowering learners with a project launch


  • Dive into the world of project-based learning and discover the secrets to launching a successful experience. This video explains the importance of framing the challenge, incorporating experts, and making work public.

    It provides practical tips for teachers to help students engage deeply with the project and achieve the desired outcomes, ensuring a successful and meaningful learning experience.

Creating an Interactive Classroom Environment

Interactive Learning: Tech & No-Tech Strategies


  • Discover effective strategies for creating an interactive learning environment in your classroom. This module explores the use of technology tools like Jeopardy Labs and non-tech methods such as discussions and team projects to enhance student engagement.

    Learn how to integrate these interactive activities into your lesson plans, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that empowers students to become active learners and producers of knowledge.

Integrating Real-World Context in Classrooms

Learn strategies for incorporating real-world contexts into classroom lessons.


  • Explore effective methods for bringing real-world contexts into your classroom, enhancing student engagement and learning. This module covers integrating community partnerships, interdisciplinary connections, and authentic assessments into lesson plans.

    Discover practical examples and strategies, such as service learning projects, internships, and community-based research, that prepare students for real-world challenges while fostering a dynamic and interactive learning environment.

Assessing Student Engagement: Efficient Approaches

Examine methods for evaluating and improving student involvement in educational settings.


  • Explore practical methods for quantifying student engagement, including monitoring attendance, conducting surveys, assessing learning outcomes, and making behavioral observations. Comprehend the importance of measuring engagement to continuously enhance teaching.

    Acquire knowledge on how to choose suitable evaluation methods and modify them to enhance student learning environments. Participate in conversations about the effective implementation of these methods in different educational settings to promote increased student engagement.