AI Tools For 22nd Century Education

Uploaded: 10 Jun 2024
37 Min 14 Sec

Discover the true the potential of AI to transform your teaching in this comprehensive online course by SELIN Academy. Explore cutting-edge AI tools designed to enhance lesson planning, student engagement, and personalized learning experiences. Learn how to integrate these tools seamlessly into your teaching practice to boost student performance and make learning more interactive and fun.

In this course, you'll:

  • Revolutionize Lesson Planning: Learn to use AI-driven tools like Unit Plan Generator and OK Generator to create dynamic, multi-level lessons tailored to diverse student needs.
  • Enhance Student Learning: Utilize AI for project-based learning, real-world connections, and interactive science labs to foster a deeper understanding of subjects.
  • Improve Writing and Collaboration: Implement AI tools like Text Proofreader and Group Generator to support student writing and collaborative projects.
  • Support Emotional and Social Learning: Discover AI strategies for social-emotional learning and team-building activities to nurture well-rounded students.

Explore now to transform your teaching approach with the power of AI and inspire your students to achieve their fullest potential!

By SELIN Academy

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Course Structure

Lessons: 3

Course Structure

Lessons: 3

Classroom Engagement with AI Tools

Learn to create engaging classroom videos using InVideo AI and Gamma app.


  • Discover how to enhance your classroom with interactive videos in just minutes. This tutorial introduces InVideo AI for generating quick, professional video content and Gamma app for transforming presentations into dynamic, engaging visuals. 

    By focusing on tools that streamline content creation, this course ensures educators can captivate students' attention and foster a more interactive learning environment effortlessly. Perfect for all subjects and teaching styles.

Lesson 1: Magic School Tools for Educators

Master the cutting-edge pedagogical resources offered by Magic School.


  • In this video, educators are introduced to the Magic School platform and its array of tools designed to simplify and enhance classroom activities. Learn how to create interactive quizzes, generate lesson plans, customize report cards, develop academic content, and more. 

    Each tool is demonstrated with examples, showcasing how they can make teaching more engaging and efficient for various subjects and grade levels.

Lesson 2: Magic School Tools for Educators

Overview of AI tools for enhanced teaching.


  • Magic School offers a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) tools to teachers, and this video introduces them to some of them. You can use the OK Generator to make questions with multiple levels of difficulty, the Unit Plan Generator to organize your lessons, the Text Proofreader to check your grammar, and a whole lot more. 

    From project-based learning to social-emotional learning and real-world connections, all of these tools strive to make learning more engaging and personalized for all students. Discover how these tools can revolutionize your method of instruction.